Deactivator K

What is it?

It is an effective harmful radiation absorber of water-bearing cracks and other geological anomalies. It also partly absorbs so called electromagnetic emission (computer, TV, radio, mobile phones and other electrical appliances).

How does it work?

Deactivator K works as muted resonant circuit in MHz; it absorbs electromagnetic energy coming from the earth, from water-bearing anomalies which affect negatively living organisms and human too. The advantage of the Deactivator K is its effect in the extent some tens of meters. The harmful energy it neither shadows nor inclines but it absorbs it. To get optimal absorption there are used 2 Deactivators placed opposite perpendicularly each other in the direction axe and in the level of maximal distance 35 m. For increased efficiency it is possible to put 2 sets into a cross in one building whereas the efficiency is increased to the maximal distance 60 m. The gadget can be installed in flats, family houses, blocks of flats, schools, institutions, gardens, cowsheds and other places threatened with negative influences from the subsoil. Deactivator K performs its function too if there is any barrier between the set of deactivators such as concrete, wall, wardrobe and others. Its function isn’t through these barriers limited.

Deactivator K works permanently and in the long term, it isn’t electrically powered, it hasn’t got any negative side effects. Our company had been developing and making it perfect for 12 years. The efficiency of this gadget was independently certified by experienced dowsers and research workers from the following courses of study: hydrogeology, geophysics, psychoenergetics, psychotronics. The results of this certification process confirm these claimed abilities.


The invention has been patented in the Czech Republic since 14th January 1997 below the patent number CS 281679 and protected as patent no. 26644 since 27th March 1997.


Lifespan of this product properly protected from damage is 15 years. Deactivators “K” don’t need any service; they work reliably with the common range of + 50°C to

Guarantee conditions

The product is guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship or correct product function for a period of 2 years following the date of delivery ex-works. No guarantee is granted in connection with faults resulting from improper use or normal wear, external influences or use of non-original replacement parts. The guarantee becomes void if any repair work or other interventions are carried out by persons not belonging to our own service organisation or to one authorised by us.


It is necessary to liquidate unused or damaged Deactivator „K“ ecologically in collection spots or to send it back to the address of the producer who administers ecological liquidation.