Geopathogenic Zones

What does the word geopathogenic mean?

Formal name “dragon’s veins“ was replaced with the term “geopathogenic zones”. The term geopathogenic originated from two Greek words: geo means “earth” and pathos means “suffering” or “illness”.

What are geopathogenic zones?

In the nature we are surrounded with a lot of phenomenon that haven’t been taken into account more seriously. It is mainly a question of radiation coming from the subsoil of different geological anomalies. In particular water-bearing geological collectors in which forcing water through porous rock layers cause electromagnetic radiation of light intensity but of high penetrability coming from the earth dozens of kilometres above the landscape.

It is difficult to find out this radiation with available measuring instruments. Its adverse reaction knew people of highly developed civilizations already 3000 BC. There are some recordings preserved about dowsers who were able to find water and places without geopathogenic zones already at this time. They came out from nature observations, animals and plants behaviour towards geopathogenic zones and their efforts to avoid such places. Before old Chinese started to buy a house, they invited a dowser to specify “dragon’s veins“. In old Rome or Egypt they also knew about such zones and it is confirmed they tried to avoid them – particularly during the building constructions. The knowledge of these phenomenons remained till Renaissance when numerous churches, monasteries and chateaus were built in accord with geopathogenic zones.

This radiation is a form of energy existing on the basis of electromagnetic waves radiated from atoms. Everything we are surrounded with radiates. We also radiate. The most harmful influence has the radiation coming from geological collectors generally called water veins. It penetrates through rocks, walls, ceilings. It affects in basements and also with more intensity in upper floors of buildings. The water veins radiation belongs to short waves in MHz. Scientific researches showed the strongest influence above the water vein on people who are for longer time in the same position (sitting or lying).

This water veins radiation has similar effect on animals avoiding such places in the nature. If you have a pet in your household living under such conditions it suffers not only physically but also mentally. The same situation is with plants. Flowers, fruit trees and bushes grow, bloom and bear badly. They don’t do well even if you give them an enormous attention. In terms of animals (cat, magpie or insect) they look for this radiation. Some plants under the influence of geopathogenic zones grow more intensively e.g. in our conditions birch or nettle.

Influence of geopathogenic zones on a human

If a human lives constantly under the harmful influence of the environment, many observations and scientific researches show negative influences on faster extension and severe course of following diseases such as:

Among the primary symptoms of troubles that the human organism reacts on such harmful environment belong:

The process of all these diseases can be more or less complicated. It depends on radiance intensity and on time how long is a human exposed to it. It often happens when the ill person leaves the harmful environment he begins to feel better (in the hospital he recovers), afterwards he comes home his troubles appears again.

Extensive statistic evaluations and different people observations who live within easy reach of so called geopathogenic zones showed that radiation is one of the sources of cancer, asthma, rheumatism, kidney diseases, bladder troubles, ears pains and suppurations, headaches, spine troubles, epilepsy and other healthy problems.

No all people are prone to illnesses in the same way. A man who is immune to harmful radiation recognizes it much later than people who are prone to illnesses. These people recognize the influence of radiation substantially earlier and the disease process is faster. For some people is dangerous to stay on such place for 5 years to bring on a serious disease, other people need 10 or more years.