Deactivator K consists of a set of 2 pieces which are installed to external walls to be level with the floor and in the axe with labels (red point on the cover) against each other. This axe positron is possible to get by measuring of the same distance from the wall parallel to the axe running from one piece to another one. Finding the optimal position is on the ground floor or in the cellar, the full influence of the Deactivator K is possible to get from the level installation for all floors located above the installation level. Deactivator has a beneficial effect also through furniture, walls and other barriers finding in the place between both gadgets. Maximum distance for placement of these gadgets from each other is ca 35 m. This gadget eliminates harmful radiation between the deactivators and ca 17,5 m from the axe leading from one gadget to another one both directions. One set can be used for the area of 35 times 35 m. It is recommended to ground the gadget e.g. through the bell wire to the central heating using the clamp coming from the gadget. We donít recommend placing the gadget under the bed but at least 50 cm from the bed. The gadget is not electrically powered. We donít recommend its parallel installation with other gadgets with similar effects.


According to our long term experience we donít recommend to install the product self-help or with the assistance of a dowser who didnít take any training in our company in the past. In these cases we donít provide any guarantee for correct function of the product. The guarantee refers only to products installed by competent dowser who is the owner of valid certificate issued by out company. The correct installation he confirms with his own signature on the certificate on guarantee.